Case Studies

How sit stand desks have impacted organisations

Infrastructure Wellness and Productivity Initiative

Sit-Stand Desk Trial Interim Results

"The evidence is clear that electric sit-stand desks are not a fad. They are proven to result in increased levels of wellness, productivity and engagement. As an organisation who sees themselves as the employer of choice, the Penrose Campus redevelopment provides an exciting opportunity to provide all staff with an electric-sit stand desk to increase productivity and levels of engagement. While there is an additional cost, the time for payback on this investment is very short at approximately 4.5 hours per person."

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Mayo Clinic Study

Using Sit-Stand Workstations to Decrease Sedentary Time in Office Workers

"Overall, a sit-stand desk appears to be a promising tool to reduce sedentary time at work. Given the proportion of hours spent at work, sit-stand desks may contribute to decreasing sedentary time and improving the health of sedentary office workers."

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Electric height adjustable workstations

Statistics tell the story

"The results of this study suggest that there may be a number of benefits associated with using the electric height adjustable workstations. These changes occurred over a relatively short timescale of four to six weeks, which suggests that the potential benefits may be even greater after longer time periods of use. There was almost a unanimous preference for the electric height adjustable workstations rather than the fixed height workstations. Most written survey comments were positive and three particpants refused to relinquish their electric height adjustable workstations during the study."

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