Create a healthy work environment
with sit stand desks & workstations

Standing desks in the workplace are becoming increasingly popular in New Zealand. The negative impact that sitting at a desk all day has on your health and wellbeing is now common knowledge, and the clear benefits of being active during your work day means the electric sit/stand desk is an obvious choice for any office environment. Let's take a look at why sit stand desks are fast becoming commonplace in the workplace.

The Problem with sitting

Studies have shown that sitting for long periods slows your metabolism, puts pressure on your organs, strains your muscles, and the inactivity creates lethargy and contributes to slower brain function. It can increase your risk for heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes and even early death.

How standing can help

Alternating between sitting and standing to work has shown to decrease existing back pain, improve circulation, decrease fatigue, increase fat burning, reduce the risk of major diseases, and even prolong your life.

Why you should choose an electric
height adjustable desk

Electric height adjustable desks are the most practical and efficient option for a sit/stand office. They are quiet, smooth, fast, and easy to adjust. The less practical manual crank height adjustable desks offer less efficiency and sit at a similar price point.


First Row: Stance Desk, Stance Workstation, Stance Pod
Second Row: Poise Desk, Poise Workstation, Poise Pod
Third Row: Arise Desk, Arise Workstation, Arise back-to-back
Fourth Row: Ascend Desk, Ascend Workstation, Ascend back-to-back


Whether you are using a sit stand desk in your home office or corporate
environment, there are many benefits to using an electric sit/stand desk.

  • Improved Productivity

    Workers take shorter and fewer breaks and have higher energy levels when using sit to stand desks.

  • Improved Health

    Body part discomfort decreases an average of 62% and the occurrence of injuries and illnesses decrease by more than half.

  • Lower Absenteeism

    Happier, healthier employees take fewer sick days - with less joint stiffness, back pain, and fatigue.

  • Stylish Design

    The Electric Sit Stand Desks from Fuze Business Interiors have stylish, functional designs that will enhance any office space.

  • Improved Staff Retention

    Employees that are happier, healthier and more productive translates into an improved working environment and increased staff retention.

  • Increased Fat Burning

    Recent studies found that the enzymes that are responsible for burning fat shut down when we sit. Standing to work helps to reduce weight.


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