How sit stand desks have affected individuals

Garrick Wynne
"3 years of neck pain and serious pain killers, specialists, MRIs etc etc. 3 weeks in with my sit to stand desk and I am virtually pain free - only sitting when I find myself tired - but always pretty quick to get back to standing. Great quality product. Amazing lifestyle change!!!"
Craig Roberts
"I love my Sit to Stand Desk! While I prefer to work standing up, the ability to lower the desk is fantastic (and so simple). The extra investment (i.e. the cost of a Sit to Stand desk vs. a standard desk or a fixed standing desk) is well worth it. My generation can't believe that people used to smoke in their offices. I think that the next generation will think the same about sitting all day long. "
Karl Pointon
"Have certainly enjoyed the difference a stand up workstation offers."
Nick Roud
"If you have any kind of back issues and work at a desk, try standing - it has really helped me and worth thinking about."
Dave Firth
"Ab fab! Never experienced desk envy before."
Simon Jackson
"I certainly have noticed a positive difference to my back issues now I am standing at my desk most of the day. I also have found that a anti fatigue mat to be really helpful. "
Claire Parkinson
"I have had my sit stand desk for about a month. I bought it because I have mild chronic lower back pain and I get sore shoulders from poor posture at the computer. I felt my body really was not designed to spend so much time sitting and somehow getting older has made me more aware of this. With my desk I approx 1/2 of each day standing - sometimes morning, sometimes afternoon for variation. My back ache is much reduced. My shoulders are better - less massages required. I like the standing. It feels like I'm getting some passive exercise during the day and my too. Highly recommend this table. "
"I have experienced a dramatic improvement in a long-standing lower back problem, since having a sit/stand desk installed in my office about a month ago. Very happy with it. "
Peter Taylor
"The Sit-Stand desk has worked well for me. My apprehension was around the cost. But I am pleased that we made the investment, as cheaper solutions would only provide a standing option. My back discomfort is best addressed by alternating sitting and standing. Standing is great for building on work I do in yoga and CrossFit. Instead of being wasted by day after day of sitting, I believe that the postural benefits of my workouts are more enduring. My posture and energy have definitely improved. The desk is not a miracle cure, my back can still bother me, but relief is just a push-button away. "
David Hardy
"I felt sitting at a desk was a complete waste of time. I didn't like the fact that my shoulders were hunched and my body wasn't moving. I do feel a lot more motivated to work with a sit stand desk. I should just call it a stand desk as I never use it in the sitting position. I also have the monitor stand so my LCD is at eye level. I'm really happy with the desk and wouldn't go back. I've had no health problems but I do feel more energised getting to stand while I work. "